Awards Night 2019

The event that we all work towards during the season – Awards Night.

This year was little different to previous years, everyone brought along a plate of delicious but probably non- Slimming World approved food. Steve Ficken organised an array of drinks donated with Hon Treasurer’s approval. The silverware re-appeared newly polished and engraved with this years recipient’s names and fifty individually printed certificates bearing a new 2019 design made their debut.

Images that had made their mark during the season were on show thanks to John Pugh and Gary Noake.

Jill Harris took the opportunity to arrange the teams for the forthcoming Team Challenge and Mark Gameson stood in splendidly for our Chairman who had nipped off on one of his holidays to foreign parts.

The crac flowed in typical KCC style and a good time was had by all.

Photo Marathon June 2019

Following the unlikely success of our trial run at organising a “Photo Marathon” back in 2018 (see the BLOG 17th October) in torrential rain it was decided that we should go for the ‘real thing’ this year and pray that the weather be kind to us.

Worcester was chosen for our battleground, the Hive as our meeting place and centre of operations from where Brian, Sue & Mike Webb set up the computer, met and greeted the participants collected the images and drank a lot of tea and coffee.

The weather behaved surprisingly well just giving a short sharp shower around lunchtime presumably just to remind us that we shouldn’t take it for granted.

We were set ten titles/subjects to test our skills, imagination and patience.

We therefore set off to record, in strict order:


Great fun. Making sure to get the subjects in the correct order, trying to overcome our natural desire to frame some of our shots in portrait mode as one of the rules decreed that all images must be in the landscape format.  Meeting fellow members all looking for the shot that you’ve just taken or desperately need.  All adding to a really pleasant, different day’s shooting.

Obviously, so many images were taken that it is impossible to show them here but here are just a few.

Prizes Galore

Our Chairman, Brian, made the cunning decision to hold the Marathon Prize Giving on the same evening as the Annual General Meeting thus it was one of the best attended AGMs ever!

Every image was printed and mounted on boards dedicated to individual authors and they made a really impressive display.

The images were judged by technique, composition, portrayal of subject etc. and points awarded. The final results looked like this:

The top three players were so close it is unfair to distinguish between them. Prizes were also awarded to the top scorers in each category.

Here are the lucky winners clutching their prizes:

a BIG Thank You!

Listed below are links to all the companies who responded so generously to our request for prizes for this event.  We would urge all members to make these dealers a first stop for any future purchases you have in mind.

Thanks also, of course, to Brian Hardy, Sue Hancox, Mike Webb and Maureen Mundon for the organization of this splendid event which, no doubt, is set to be a regular in the KCC calendar.


April 7th saw the inaugural meeting of the “Photonatter” group. This is a new social event instigated by Sue our very esteemed programme sec. The plan is that on the first Sunday of each month we should meet at 11am at Coffee #1 in Kidderminster just for a general chat, hopefully with a bias towards photography but not necessarily so as being such a social club it is always pleasant to catch up with our friends.

As it was the first such get togethers the participants turned out to be mainly the committee but perhaps future occasions will be better attended. Here’s a few snaps taken on the morning with sincere apologies to Steve, who, although sitting next to the photographer, the only clue to his presence is the bicycle wheel in the first image !! Sorry Steve !

John getting some colour tuition from young Ezra !

Exhibition 2019

Yes, it’s February again – that means two things are certain – snow and the now famous KCC Exhibition.

Thank goodness we have such spirited helpers among our members.  Out of our  membership of about fifty fourteen came along to help frame the prints and sixteen came to hang them in the library.  Many hands certainly make for lighter work!

Opening night was the usual success with a good attendance of club members, partners and friends.  Steve kept everyone supplied with drinks and nibbles and the usual ‘crac’ ensued.

Our judges for the evening were Ros & Martin Billingham, the folk who make those fabulous bags.

Here they are admiring John Pugh’s thirty year old workhorse.


No one envied them their job of choosing two winning images from the excellent prints on show.

And so, a decision has been made – cross your fingers and wish…

Mike Morris struck gold with his “Fisherman’s Cottage” winning the trophy for best General print.

And Geoff Cooke created a splash with his “Waves” !

The Exhibition will run until 28th March acting as a window to our club.

Fun Night 2018

This year’s Christmas Fun Night just had to make up for last year’s disappointment when the “Beast from the East” came to visit.  The wine, the fish and chips, the quizzes the mince pies and, of course, the skittle alley,  same old formula but why change if it still works and work it did with everyone having a good evening and a chance to wish their friends Season’s Greetings until we meet again in January.


Action pics by John Pugh. Spot on John!



Five Go to the Big City

Every so often a small contingent of KCC members lead by Derek Aston take themselves off on a little adventure in order,they say, to get a few snaps under their belts ready to do battle in forthcoming competitions.  Those of us not privy to these little excursions think that is is more likely to be  an excuse to get away from household chores and cafe crawl, we shall see… In the meantime take a look at these pics and draw your own conclusion.

                                               Isn’t this AGAINST the LAW now???



Our First Photo Marathon

On a recent club night Mike Webb, a respected member who is into most things photographic, introduced us to “Photo Marathons” a concept that was new to us all.  Mike related his story of his experiences during one such event around the city of Bath.

The idea is that one turns up at a pre-arranged meeting place to be handed a list of subjects to be photographed.  Apparently 20 is the usual number.  Each subject is to be shot strictly in the order that they appear on the list as a jpeg without any post processing and in the landscape format only.  A time is set for entrants to accomplish this and hand their card to the organiser to be uploaded onto a computer. Prizes are awarded for images displaying photo skill, interpretation of the subject etc. Subjects are chosen to allow for much varied interpretation.

Not only was Mike’s talk a great success, especially hearing of all the pitfalls that he encountered, but we decided there and then that the club ought to arrange a marathon of our own. 

We thought to start in a small way as a “tryout” with Kidderminster as our venue and just five subjects :-  ” Looking Down”, “Looking Smart”, “Steps”, “Old”, and “Out of Place”.

 As it happened, our rather cautious approach was a good decision as the weather on the day chosen was torrential rain and rather windy.  However,  twenty members came along, got well soaked but entered into the spirit of the day in typical KCC style.

Our thanks must go to Les and his team at “Coffee #1” for not only letting us set up our “headquarters” in the cafe but also generously gifting us with prizes for the winners.

Here are a few shots of the day followed by the results and pictures taken on the evening set aside for prize giving. We made full use of Brian Swinyard who was judging round one of the print league.

One hundred images, printed and mounted – well done Brian!

Highlights show top results

Stee won the wine and chocolates donated by the centre management.

Here’s to our next Photo Marathon!

Evening Shoot

This year’s Evening Shoot took place in Kidderminster Town Centre.  We look forward to seeing the work created among the variable choice of subject matter.

In the meantime here’s a shot of KCC members doing what they do best – ending the night with a chat and a pint.  In this case, it was The Weavers that played host.

photo by Steve Ficken


Exhibition 2018

“Probably the best yet”, “Better than I imagined” and just “Wow” were a few of the comments heard at the opening night of this year’s annual exhibition.

If you haven’t yet paid a visit, please do so, and let us know your feedback.

As usual a few days before the opening,  the “Exhibitionists” swung into action,

cleaning, polishing, repairing, drilling and screwing until all was ready for opening night 5th February…

Our exhibition this year was judged by John & Dinah Hartshorne. The quality of the entries probably made their job a little tricky… 

But the winners in both the General and Advanced categories were well deserved 


“Stiperstones” by Nev Haycox and “Birmingham Library” by Terry Rees can be seen on the Winning Images Page