Kidderminster Library Gallery Extended

KIDDERMINSTER Camera Club’s photographic exhibition at Kidderminster Library will be on display for an extra month.

Club spokesman Duncan McCormack praised the new gallery and said the exhibition – which will now continue until Sunday, July 28 – had been a “complete success”. We have extended our stay. It was so successful, the library has made it look so good that when we went into pull it down, they asked if we would leave it up. We have had more people in there because of the gallery’s position than we have ever had in the past, there is always someone in there because it is so accessible from the library, rather than having to go up the stairs. It has been a very good place to exhibit and we have been able to put the same number of prints up. They are presented and lit well.

KCC exhibition-05 KCC exhibition-04 KCC exhibition-02 KCC exhibition-01

Studio Evening

Every now and then we setup a studio evening where members can come along and experience photographing in a studio environment.

We normally have between two and three studios setup on the night so that the members can move between the studios and try for themselves and see what effect different methods produce.  Below you will see some sample setups from the night and the resulting images.


Studio 1 Set

Amie #2 WEB

Amie #1WEB

Studio 2 Setup

Studio 2 Setup

Studio 3 Setup

Studio 3 Setup

Cas WEBHey Ho WEB CraigWEB