Awards Night 2016

Cleaning Trophies

It’s the end of season now, the competitions have come to an end and it’s time to award the trophies.  Up until this year we have hired a room at the Brasserie Restaurant for the occasion but this year we thought that we would try something different and hold it at our clubroom.

The “American Supper” we tried earlier in the year was a great success and so it was decided a repeat of that would be good but this time with liquid refreshment paid for by the club.  As usual folk brought along far too much food but as someone said, it is better to have too much than too little.  There was a great variety to suit all tastes.  Steve did a good job laying on the drinks and everyone had a pleasant social evening it was certainly more relaxed than the rather formal Brasserie affair.

Another advantage of being in the clubroom is that we were able to have a display of the successful prints and a rolling projection of the year’s best projected images.




Here are some of this season’s trophy winners.  It is a pity that Rob Evans and Geoff Cooke were both away from home and unable to attend.  Rob managed to win both the print and projected image league and Geoff won the print league (advanced)  Mike Morris (on the left) won three trophies including projected image of the year.  Len Harris (extreme right) won print of the year.  The other two gents shared a trophy – see below:-


Chairman Brian Hardy and Hon Treasurer Ray Rogers shared the honour of winning the Advanced projected image league and were left to decide who’s bookshelf the shield should sit on first.

A Coach Load to Llangollen

Boat Group

We must express our sincere thanks to Terry Jamieson for organizing a great day out to Llangollen.  Twenty of us enjoyed ourselves by first of all taking a narrowboat over the famous Pontcysyllte viaduct then lunch and a mooch around the town before moving on to Chirk Castle.

Weatherwise it was not too bad, with a little drop of the wet stuff coming over in the latter part of the day but by then we were looking around the castle.

We were all in agreement that Llangollen would certainly be the place for a return visit.

Boat #5

Boat #6

Boat #2

KCC Llangollen-3

KCC Llangollen-4

_DSF7497 - Copy

Castle #1


Castle #2

Castle #5


_DSF7505 - Copy


Castle #3


An Evening in Bridgnorth

View from above #2

This year’s evening shoot took place in Bridgnorth on 20th June.  A bit of a risk really as just before the event it was realized that there was important football to be seen on the television that could seriously interrupt our traditional meet up at the local hostelry and perhaps prevent many members from taking part.  As it happened, we needn’t have worried.  The town was very quiet, twenty one folk turned up and the local Wetherspoons was amazingly quiet.

As soon as we arrived in the car park we had a sense that the evening was set fair for fun as a local resident, clad in his dressing gown, came over to take a group picture for us.  Here it is – don’t blame the guy for all the squinty eyes or that two of our crowd were paying more interest in their cameras than the job in hand.

Club Group

The contrasty light eventually gave was to a softer, warm and pleasant sunshine and it seems that everyone managed a few satisfying shots.  Bridgnorth was certainly a good choice of location offering a castle, a steam railway two churches, a warren of quaint roads, pubs and shops.  A few of us are intent on a return visit in the near future.



Shoppe & Castle Walk



Not Another Competition?!


The Famous KCC Blu Tack Competition

The last thing that we want at KCC is to be accused of being stuck up but 25th of April you could have said that of us.  The Blu Tack competition means that members could enter the competition by bringing along an unmounted A4 print together with their entry fee which was a plate of delicious food.  The prints were stuck around the clubroom walls using – you’ve guessed it – Blu Tack –  and the food placed on tables for all to enjoy as the evening progressed.

We all found out that a print judging is not at all easy as we went around assessing the anonymous work of our fellow members.  Marks were given out of 20, Brian then did a great job on his specially designed spread sheet to work out the winners.

Whilst the marks were being totted we were kept entertained by completing fiendish quizzes kindly (?) put together by Marion and Wendy and over indulging on the delicious fare on the buffet.

Congratulations to the photo winners –  First – John Stachewicz, Second –  Martin Rowe and Third –  Brian Hardy .  Fourth was Alison Waldron and Fifth – Duncan McCormack.

The quizzes were won as a table and we certainly have our fair share of egg heads in the club.  They were awarded huge boxes of Thorntons chocolates which were duly shared.




Steve sticking up

Mike & Martin

Wendy marking

Duncan &

Gary Food

Ray Laura &

Quiz 1

Quiz Win 1

Chocs & Wine

Quiz Win 2

Print Winners



Auction (Sotherbys look out!)

The club held an auction a couple of years ago and it was such a success that we thought it worth repeating.  Members joined into the spirit of the occasion by bringing along all manner of items for sale.  What a varied lot we had!  A lawnmower, a big box of chocolates, two huge boxes of garden candle lights, an illuminated cat (!),  a coffee machine, golf clubs, a worktop cooker, books galore as well as loads of photographic gear – tripods, holdalls, lights, printing paper and assorted gadgets of all manner, even, would you believe, a few cameras.  Most of it was sold and about £200 went into the club funds, fun was had by all and surely that’s what it’s all about!


Auction 1

Auction 2



Doing it in Dunster

At the beginning of April a group of us, expertly organised by Geoff and Sheelagh Cooke, spent a few days in the splendid town of Dunster in Somerset.  We stayed at the comfortable Yarn Market Hotel and a great time was had by all.  The weather, although a touch on the cold side, stayed dry and enabled some trips around the area and some photography to be had.

Sue and Joe coincidentally were celebrating their anniversary the same weekend and an appropriate cake was obtained in the shape of Sue’s favourite photo subject.

How lucky we are at KCC in having folk like the Cookes who take the time and considerable effort to organize such weekends, our thanks to them.

Dunster1005-003 (1)

Somerset 1

Dunster (5 of 5)

Somerset 2

Dunster (2 of 5)

Dunster (3 of 5)

Somerset 3


The CPAGB Workshop with Bob Moore

On Saturday 5th March Kidderminster Camera Club members were pleased to welcome Bob and Sue Moore who spent the day at our club giving a critique on photographs thirteen members had prepared with a view to applying for the CPAGB distinction.

We all thought the day was really useful in guiding us towards our goal and Bob’s comments were instructive and honest assessments of our work. Several people will be entering for the April assessment with others waiting until October to make their submissions. Most of those present were deemed suitable for a CPAGB with one member advised to apply for a DPAGB.

We wish to thank Bob and Sue for giving their time and expertise and missing the football, golf and tennis in order to point us in the right direction.

PAGB Meeting







Exhibition 2016

It seems like it was only a few weeks ago that we were taking down Exhibition 2015 but here we are with this year’s big event – Exhibition 2016.

Here are a few pictures depicting the preparation and opening night.

A great effort by everyone concerned, not only from the selecting, framing and hanging teams but, most importantly, from a membership of  49, 43 members submitted prints and we had a total exhibition of 63 prints plus a rolling slideshow of other images.  Excellent!

This year’s winning images were chosen by the Wyre Forest’s Green Party candidate Natalie McVey.  The successful authors this year were Alan Wakefield who won the General section trophy for “Public Footpath” and Steve (it’s that man again!) Ficken took the Advanced trophy for “My Life Going Down the Drain”.  Congratulations to both.

When you are next in Kidderminster pop into the Library and take a look.  The exhibition is on for the whole of February.


Preparation is Everything…









And so on to hanging day…



How many KCC members does it take to hang a print?




Whew!  Job done and we’re off to the pub in time for lunch.


Opening Night and Everyone Came…
















Natalie McVey wondering what Duncan has talked her into…


                             Alan Wakefield winner of the General Trophy


                        Steve Ficken Winner of the Advanced Trophy (Again!)


And here’s to next year…!





Birds of Prey Workshop January 2016

The club’s first outing of 2016 took place early one cold, January morning on Clee Hill with a Birds of Prey Workshop led by local photographer and club favourite Claire Carter.

Rumour has it that some of the following images were taken by the birds who found the antics of the members far more interesting than those of themselves…



Red Tailed Hawk








Interesting things to do on a tabletop!

As the nights get longer and we get more reluctant to take our hobby out into the cold it’s time to investigate indoor pursuits.  Every year we have a “table top” evening where various members bring along lights flashguns and tripods etc to demonstrate new and interesting ideas for a spot of indoor creativity.

This year we invited Mark Wilbury along to show us the gear and know how that he uses in his everyday  professional life.  It was a great evening, Mark not only bought along his equipment and props but also a small team of his colleagues and filled several areas in the clubroom with enough new ideas, and useful tips to enthuse us during the winter months and beyond.


Images courtesy of Duncan McCormack

Team 4