Exhibition 2016

It seems like it was only a few weeks ago that we were taking down Exhibition 2015 but here we are with this year’s big event – Exhibition 2016.

Here are a few pictures depicting the preparation and opening night.

A great effort by everyone concerned, not only from the selecting, framing and hanging teams but, most importantly, from a membership of  49, 43 members submitted prints and we had a total exhibition of 63 prints plus a rolling slideshow of other images.  Excellent!

This year’s winning images were chosen by the Wyre Forest’s Green Party candidate Natalie McVey.  The successful authors this year were Alan Wakefield who won the General section trophy for “Public Footpath” and Steve (it’s that man again!) Ficken took the Advanced trophy for “My Life Going Down the Drain”.  Congratulations to both.

When you are next in Kidderminster pop into the Library and take a look.  The exhibition is on for the whole of February.


Preparation is Everything…









And so on to hanging day…



How many KCC members does it take to hang a print?




Whew!  Job done and we’re off to the pub in time for lunch.


Opening Night and Everyone Came…
















Natalie McVey wondering what Duncan has talked her into…


                             Alan Wakefield winner of the General Trophy


                        Steve Ficken Winner of the Advanced Trophy (Again!)


And here’s to next year…!





Birds of Prey Workshop January 2016

The club’s first outing of 2016 took place early one cold, January morning on Clee Hill with a Birds of Prey Workshop led by local photographer and club favourite Claire Carter.

Rumour has it that some of the following images were taken by the birds who found the antics of the members far more interesting than those of themselves…



Red Tailed Hawk








Interesting things to do on a tabletop!

As the nights get longer and we get more reluctant to take our hobby out into the cold it’s time to investigate indoor pursuits.  Every year we have a “table top” evening where various members bring along lights flashguns and tripods etc to demonstrate new and interesting ideas for a spot of indoor creativity.

This year we invited Mark Wilbury along to show us the gear and know how that he uses in his everyday  professional life.  It was a great evening, Mark not only bought along his equipment and props but also a small team of his colleagues and filled several areas in the clubroom with enough new ideas, and useful tips to enthuse us during the winter months and beyond.


Images courtesy of Duncan McCormack

Team 4







KCC does Devil’s Bridge

The club’s October outing this year was admirably hosted by Terry Jamieson when he took a coachload of members to Devil’s Bridge via Aberystwyth on the Vale of Rheidol Light Railway.

It has become the norm that the weather for our outings has been fine and this trip was no exception.

Thanks Terry – a good time was had by all.


Images courtesy of Terry Jamieson & Brian Hardy

Somebody moved

On the way down

The Bridges

View from the Bridge


At the bottom




Brockhampton Manor

Terry Jamieson was the star of our day on the 30th of June.  Terry works as a volunteer at the National Trust property Brockhampton Manor.  Not only did he get us access to the site an hour before the official opening time but also gave us a private guided tour, coffee and cakes in the staff room (homemade by his colleague Jill) and even a lesson on the art of dowsing.  What a hero!

It really was a perfect day.  The house is picture perfect and the weather was incredible making ideal conditions for those of us looking for the more chocolate box/calendar images.

Just look at these pictures and enjoy.







Brockhampton Estate



Brockhampton Estate


Brockhampton Estate









Brockhampton Estate















































Celebration Night

It’s that time of year again when we celebrate the end of another excellent season with a meal at “La Brasserie” and the presentation of trophies to the successful winners.  There is now a break in our programme until September to give us all a chance to collect a few “winners” ready for the start of the new competitions and the committee members to take a bit of a breather.




Bewdley Outdoor Meeting June 2015

It seemed such a good idea at the time… meet in Bewdley at 6.30 pm, stroll leisurely about the beautiful little town for two or three hours taking pictures here and there and then meet at the George Hotel for a drink and a natter.  Unfortunately, the glorious weather that had been prevalent during the day went away at about the same time as our arrival to be replaced by dull grey skies and light, rather cold drizzle.  Undaunted, a fair number of us did stroll but an equal number beat an early retreat to the George.

Jill did a head count and revealed that thirty members turned out, which out of a total membership of around fifty, was a pretty good effort.  Such is the enthusiasm of the KCC  people but it’s not clear if this was for the photography or the beer!

Some shutters did get pressed – see below – it is hoped that more will be added later.

Good turnout


Riveside walk

View Under Bewdley Bridge



Read the Signs SMALL



One careful owner




Jill #2

Bewdley quiet corner

Le Petit Cafe

_DSF6620 a

_DSF6634 a Web

Jill #1

One man and his dog


Diss this


Open All Hours DPI


The George

_MG_4981-KCC (2)




DSC02024 (4)

Jill #3

By George it’s the Lady’s Loo – By Jill Harris (With added rain spots!)

Hanging Day at Old Saint Barnabas

As much as we love our clubroom it has to be said that the decor cannot be described as upmarket.  The room was originally a school hall and retains quite a few of the original features.  There are bookshelves all round now standing empty their only use is a resting place for the occasional coffee cup or handbag and possibly, would you believe, camera.  There is a false ceiling of (1960’s ?) polystyrene tiles probably hiding the original vaulted ceiling.  These are now an interesting shade of grey. The huge bulbous radiators with their six inch pipes around the room are still there and in working (?) order creating an atmosphere that is usually too warm or too cold but hardly ever just right.  Even the old bell rope is there, but pull it if you dare!

Last year the whole received a coat of paint, hurrah we said –  but the finished result turned out to be two shades of a bilious green.

We decided that what we needed to do was to put our own, special KCC stamp on the place.  Fifteen frames were duly purchased and fifteen prints from the 2015 exhibition were chosen.  A small working team moved in and spread these around the room to cover at least some of the pallid eau de nil.  Magic!  We now have a clubroom that looks like it is used by photo enthusiasts and is much admired by the other users, the trustees et al.

What goes where Make your mind up

Tidying up DSC01882 After the Hanging After the hanging 3jpg

Studio Night 2015

This year’s Studio Night was certainly different with a visit from Kaz in her full suit of Medieval Armour and a demonstration from Wendy of her pop up studio plus a demonstration from make up artist Jordan . The make up was lost on Kaz who spent most of the evening inside her tin suit.

There was the usual three studio sets (not counting Wendy’s !) kindly supplied, as usual, by John & Maureen, Steve Ficken and Terry Livesey and most members had a chance to photograph our lovely models, Laura, Emily, Kerry, Anna and the handsome Nick.



Some images from Terry Livesey


KCC Portrait

KCC Portrait

KCC Portrait

KCC Portrait

KCC Portrait

KCC Portrait

KCC Portrait




…and some from John Pugh

Laura-01 [DSCF0589][SJ]

Emily-04 [DSCF0543][SJ]

Emily-02 [DSCF0538][SJ]

Emily-01 [DSCF0534][A4][SJ]


 ….and a few from Duncan McCormack






 Refreshments served in the corridor as the tea room housed Wendy’s Pop Up Portrait Studio.



Kaz – our Knight in Shining Armour






Wendy’s “Pop Up Photo Booth” was a great success and a huge source of fun.  Taking up most of the room usually used as our tearoom it sat there like a giant, white blancmange  luring the unsuspecting, curious person into it’s interior where, in an instant, it presented one with a wonderful, colourful print demonstrating just how silly one can behave when there’s no one but a camera to bear witness.

150323_212639 (2)


Wendy hires her booth  to wedding receptions,stag and hen parties, etc.  For further details contact Wendy via her Facebook page at    www.facebook.com/LBCphotobooth or email her at  info@wendyshawphotography.co.uk






Please note that KCC cannot be held responsible for services mentioned on these pages.

Eclipse 2015

It is probably a little known fact to KCC members but our John Pugh, among his many other interests, is a bit of an expert on heavenly bodies of the extra terrestrial kind.  Realizing that this year’s eclipse was not going to be witnessed again until 2026 he couldn’t wait to photograph the event.  Most of us would stay clear of attempting this amid dire warnings of instant blindness should one look directly at the sun.

John, not wishing to be known as ” Blind Pugh” selected the densest filter in his collection which was one normally intended for infra red images and therefore almost opaque to the naked eye.  This was too small to attach to the Fuji 200mm lens he wished to use but he just held it in front and shot away with 1/4000 sec at f22 and -3 stops exposure compensation dialed into the Fuji XE-2 camera.  You must agree that the result is excellent and a superb record of a once in a lifetime event.

If you have taken great eclipse images that you would like featured on this page please send them by email to Len.


Eclipse start

Eclipse max

…and here are some more, this time from Ray Rogers,

with a rather interesting “as it happened” sequence.

Ray took these on his Fuji XT-1  1/2000 sec at f6.7 with ISO 800

and in

DSCF0733 4




DSCF0760 4 DSCF0763 4 DSCF0767 4 DSCF0773 4 DSCF0779 4 DSCF0785 4