The Season’s Winning Images

“Flamingos – Lake Nakuru” by Janet Poole. Joint Best Image League Round One General
“Lavender Bee” by Louise Birch. Joint Best Image League Round One General
“Rosie” by Terrry Rees Best Image League Round One Advanced

The “Chairman’s Challenge” Competition September 2020

First “Sunset Over Buttercup Field” by Martin Rowe
Second “Comet Neowise” by Terry Rees
Third “Rose” by Len Harris

Top Results

The “Lockdown” Competition

These are the results of the weekly set subject competition taking place on Facebook’s “KCC Focus on Photography ” page during the current virus crisis.

Week One’s subject – “WATER”

First Place “Cool Pool” by Martin Rowe
Second Place “Still Water” by Suzanne Hancox
Third Place “Finding Things to Do” by Brian Hardy

Week Two Subject – ” ISOLATION”

First Place “Isolation” by Marion Shephard
Joint Runner Up “Daisy” by John Stachewicz
Joint Runner Up ” Old Fashioned Isolation” By Terry Jameson

Week Three Subject – “SPRING”

First Place “Springtime Feed” by Duncan West
Joint Runner Up “Contrasts” by Brian Hardy
Joint Runner Up “Spring Tulip” by Martin Rowe

Week Four Subject – ” TEXTURES”

First “Crunched Paper” by Derek Aston
Second “Woody Landscape” by Marion Shephard
Third “I’m Ready to Show my Hand” by Mike Webb

Week Five Subject – “GREEN”

First “Green Tree” by Sue Hancox
Second “Green Bottle” by Marion Shephard
Third “Spring Greens” by Irene Preston

Week Six Subject – ” What You Do at 8pm in the Evening”

First “Time Stands Still” by Irene Preston

Week Seven Subject – “FOODSCAPE”

First “City Foodscape” by Marion Shephard
Second “Sunset over Bread Summit” by Martin Rowe
Third “The Way the Cookie Crumbles” by Mark Gameson

Week Eight Subject – “Geometry”

First “Diamond Drain” by Louise Birch

Second “It’s an Angle” by Mike Webb
Third “My Geometry” by Ray Rogers


Week Nine Subject – “Recycling”

First “Compost” by Mike Webb
Second “Recycling” by Janet Poole
Third “DIY Recycling” by Duncan West

Week Ten Subject – “Circles”

First “Circles” by Derek Aston

Second “Owl” by Terry Jaimeson

Third “Oil Drops” by Brian Hardy

Week Eleven – “Things With Wings That Fly”

First “Wings That Fly” by Martin Rowe
Second “Butterfly” by Brian Hardy
Third “Honey Bee” by Marion Shephard

Week Twelve – “All in a Row”

First “Seaside Railings” by Gary Noake
Second ” Pastry Forks” by Marion Shephard
Third ” Road Junction” by Mark Gameson

Week Thirteen – Colour

Winner ” Mirrored Glass” by Duncan West
Sorry, no second and third. Don’t blame the Webmaster!

Week Fourteen ” Reflections”

Winner – “Me and My Granddaughter” by Irene Preston

Round Fifteen Subject “Shadows”.

Winner – “Chicken or Egg” by Brian Hardy

Round Sixteen – “Dots, Dashes or Diagonals”

Winner “Dotty Geranium” by Marion Shephard

Round Seventeen – “Wheels”

Winner “Wheels” by Janet Poole

Round Eighteen – “Glass”

Winner – “Cut Glass” by Derek Aston

Round Nineteen Subject – “Still Life/Table Top”

First – “Autumn” by Martin Rowe
Second – “Dinner Table” by Marion Shephard
Third – “Fuchsia” by Terry Rees

Round Twenty Subject “Words” Deadline Friday 23rd October 8pm