Our First Photo Marathon

On a recent club night Mike Webb, a respected member who is into most things photographic, introduced us to “Photo Marathons” a concept that was new to us all.  Mike related his story of his experiences during one such event around the city of Bath.

The idea is that one turns up at a pre-arranged meeting place to be handed a list of subjects to be photographed.  Apparently 20 is the usual number.  Each subject is to be shot strictly in the order that they appear on the list as a jpeg without any post processing and in the landscape format only.  A time is set for entrants to accomplish this and hand their card to the organiser to be uploaded onto a computer. Prizes are awarded for images displaying photo skill, interpretation of the subject etc. Subjects are chosen to allow for much varied interpretation.

Not only was Mike’s talk a great success, especially hearing of all the pitfalls that he encountered, but we decided there and then that the club ought to arrange a marathon of our own. 

We thought to start in a small way as a “tryout” with Kidderminster as our venue and just five subjects :-  ” Looking Down”, “Looking Smart”, “Steps”, “Old”, and “Out of Place”.

 As it happened, our rather cautious approach was a good decision as the weather on the day chosen was torrential rain and rather windy.  However,  twenty members came along, got well soaked but entered into the spirit of the day in typical KCC style.

Our thanks must go to Les and his team at “Coffee #1” for not only letting us set up our “headquarters” in the cafe but also generously gifting us with prizes for the winners.

Here are a few shots of the day followed by the results and pictures taken on the evening set aside for prize giving. We made full use of Brian Swinyard who was judging round one of the print league.

One hundred images, printed and mounted – well done Brian!

Highlights show top results

Stee won the wine and chocolates donated by the centre management.

Here’s to our next Photo Marathon!

Evening Shoot

This year’s Evening Shoot took place in Kidderminster Town Centre.  We look forward to seeing the work created among the variable choice of subject matter.

In the meantime here’s a shot of KCC members doing what they do best – ending the night with a chat and a pint.  In this case, it was The Weavers that played host.

photo by Steve Ficken


Exhibition 2018

“Probably the best yet”, “Better than I imagined” and just “Wow” were a few of the comments heard at the opening night of this year’s annual exhibition.

If you haven’t yet paid a visit, please do so, and let us know your feedback.

As usual a few days before the opening,  the “Exhibitionists” swung into action,

cleaning, polishing, repairing, drilling and screwing until all was ready for opening night 5th February…

Our exhibition this year was judged by John & Dinah Hartshorne. The quality of the entries probably made their job a little tricky… 

But the winners in both the General and Advanced categories were well deserved 


“Stiperstones” by Nev Haycox and “Birmingham Library” by Terry Rees can be seen on the Winning Images Page 



The Fun Night that Never Was!


Every year a lot of preparation goes into our Annual Fun Night and this year was no exception.  Unfortunately, this year the elements turned against us.  The six inches of snow on Sunday on top of Saturdays covering coupled to the forecast of temperatures well below freezing on Monday made the decision to cancel the only option to ensure the safety of our members.

Our intrepid Chairman ventured forth and found the playground totally unuseable as a car park.  Here are his pictures.

Maureen sent an email to everyone advising of the cancellation, Jill cancelled the fish and chips, Steve has stashed the wine until the Exhibition and the skittle alley remains uncollected.

Jill will refund all monies paid at the next meeting.

Ahh well, here’s to next Christmas!



Studio Lighting Evening – it’s all about learning

At the end of October, we held a talk by Gary Noake and myself (Terry) all about studio lighting. We wanted to get across how flash photography can enhance and compliment a photograph whilst showing how different light modifiers produce light. Although I called this article studio lighting we started off the evening using a single speedlight through to studio lights because not everyone has access to studio lighting and also so they can see what can be accomplished with the tools most people already have.  Below you will see a few lighting diagrams done by Gary and the results from each lighting technique.


So here we have used a white background which has turned a lovely shade of grey as the light falls off. We have used 2 speedlights firing into silver umbrellas.

Here we have used the same setup as above but now used a black background.

This is a single gridded 21″ white beauty dish and a Bowens 500 Pro light.

This is a single 5ft Octabox and a Bowens 500 Pro light.

This is a 5ft Octabox and a Bowens 500 Pro light and a keylight with a small softbox on a Bowens 400 light.

This is a 5ft Octabox and a Bowens 500 Pro light and a keylight with 2 strip softboxs on a Bowens 400 lights. A black flag was used to stop spill from the left strip box on the front of the face.


Team Challenge September 2017

Every year at about this time members are kicked into action to form teams to compete against each other in the now famous “Team Challenge”.  Each team must provide ten new images, a mixture of prints and DPIs to put before an independent judge who will award points out of 20 to each image.  The team with the highest marks wins a “valuable prize” (don’t hold yer breath!).

Part of the fun is the choice of team names. As you can see below some prove more imaginative than others and it seems the choice proves often more challenging than providing the images!

This year the prize went to Marion’s team – Shephard’s Delight.  Here they are receiving the aforesaid “Valuable Prize” from judge Alan Lawrence. Marion can’t wait to get into that tin!

Awards Night July 2017


Bringing our 2016/17 Season to a close we held our usual Awards Night except that it was such a glorious day that we found it appropriate to serve Strawberries and Cream instead of our usual American Supper type of fare.  Wine and nibbles came as a given of course.  Thanks to Wendy for picking all those strawberries (from Morrisons!) and doing a great job dishing them out.  Steve was our barman and as always did us proud.  Thanks must also go to Jill for organising the trophy engraving and sorting the certificates and to everyone else who played a part in making the evening a success.  John projected a selection of the season’s best DPIs and Brian put on a display of the notable prints.

All we need to do now is gather some new images ready for the New Season.

Yummy, Yummy – and the Strawberries were nice too !

Some of our trophy winners were on holiday but here’s a group that were present to receive their awards.
Someone suggested that we should have a photograph of all that were present.  Then it all went rather crazy – must have been the strawberries!
Sorry John, but someone had to take the picture…


An evening with Ralph Duckett


This evening, we had the pleasure of welcoming Ralph Duckett to the Kidderminster Camera Club in order to present a selection of his images whilst also providing a witty & enlightening description and back story to his photographs. Looking at his work, it is easy to see how he has attained the highest standard of Masters in the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) accreditation and he is an EFIAP.

It’s always great to receive these talks at the club, as they help to broaden people’s vision of photography and start to generate their own ideas for producing bodies of work. We try to balance the talks with tutorial evenings, competitions and practical sessions in order to give members the best opportunity to make the most of their membership and personal development.


Ralph’s Bio

Ralph has lived all of his life near Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, England and has been a keen photographer since a small boy.

Ralph joined his local camera club, Burton on Trent Photographic Society, where he was advised to learn the craft of darkroom printing and has gone on from strength to strength. He is a prolific photographer and his first love is landscape photography, though Ralph does take photographs of a great variety of subject matter. Ralph was reluctant to move over to digital printing and capture, only making the change when infrared film was discontinued and fewer exhibitions were accepting slides.

To view some of Ralph’s work head over to his website: http://www.duckettlighting.co.uk