Studio Lighting Evening – it’s all about learning

At the end of October, we held a talk by Gary Noake and myself (Terry) all about studio lighting. We wanted to get across how flash photography can enhance and compliment a photograph whilst showing how different light modifiers produce light. Although I called this article studio lighting we started off the evening using a single speedlight through to studio lights because not everyone has access to studio lighting and also so they can see what can be accomplished with the tools most people already have.  Below you will see a few lighting diagrams done by Gary and the results from each lighting technique.


So here we have used a white background which has turned a lovely shade of grey as the light falls off. We have used 2 speedlights firing into silver umbrellas.

Here we have used the same setup as above but now used a black background.

This is a single gridded 21″ white beauty dish and a Bowens 500 Pro light.

This is a single 5ft Octabox and a Bowens 500 Pro light.

This is a 5ft Octabox and a Bowens 500 Pro light and a keylight with a small softbox on a Bowens 400 light.

This is a 5ft Octabox and a Bowens 500 Pro light and a keylight with 2 strip softboxs on a Bowens 400 lights. A black flag was used to stop spill from the left strip box on the front of the face.


Team Challenge September 2017

Every year at about this time members are kicked into action to form teams to compete against each other in the now famous “Team Challenge”.  Each team must provide ten new images, a mixture of prints and DPIs to put before an independent judge who will award points out of 20 to each image.  The team with the highest marks wins a “valuable prize” (don’t hold yer breath!).

Part of the fun is the choice of team names. As you can see below some prove more imaginative than others and it seems the choice proves often more challenging than providing the images!

This year the prize went to Marion’s team – Shephard’s Delight.  Here they are receiving the aforesaid “Valuable Prize” from judge Alan Lawrence. Marion can’t wait to get into that tin!

Awards Night July 2017


Bringing our 2016/17 Season to a close we held our usual Awards Night except that it was such a glorious day that we found it appropriate to serve Strawberries and Cream instead of our usual American Supper type of fare.  Wine and nibbles came as a given of course.  Thanks to Wendy for picking all those strawberries (from Morrisons!) and doing a great job dishing them out.  Steve was our barman and as always did us proud.  Thanks must also go to Jill for organising the trophy engraving and sorting the certificates and to everyone else who played a part in making the evening a success.  John projected a selection of the season’s best DPIs and Brian put on a display of the notable prints.

All we need to do now is gather some new images ready for the New Season.

Yummy, Yummy – and the Strawberries were nice too !

Some of our trophy winners were on holiday but here’s a group that were present to receive their awards.
Someone suggested that we should have a photograph of all that were present.  Then it all went rather crazy – must have been the strawberries!
Sorry John, but someone had to take the picture…


An evening with Ralph Duckett


This evening, we had the pleasure of welcoming Ralph Duckett to the Kidderminster Camera Club in order to present a selection of his images whilst also providing a witty & enlightening description and back story to his photographs. Looking at his work, it is easy to see how he has attained the highest standard of Masters in the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) accreditation and he is an EFIAP.

It’s always great to receive these talks at the club, as they help to broaden people’s vision of photography and start to generate their own ideas for producing bodies of work. We try to balance the talks with tutorial evenings, competitions and practical sessions in order to give members the best opportunity to make the most of their membership and personal development.


Ralph’s Bio

Ralph has lived all of his life near Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, England and has been a keen photographer since a small boy.

Ralph joined his local camera club, Burton on Trent Photographic Society, where he was advised to learn the craft of darkroom printing and has gone on from strength to strength. He is a prolific photographer and his first love is landscape photography, though Ralph does take photographs of a great variety of subject matter. Ralph was reluctant to move over to digital printing and capture, only making the change when infrared film was discontinued and fewer exhibitions were accepting slides.

To view some of Ralph’s work head over to his website:


Exhibition 2017

February seems to appear earlier every year, Christmas fled by and we’re into ExhibitionTime again.  This year Kidderminster Library has asked us to keep the exhibition in place for two months, an extra four weeks to our usual four.

Contrary to popular belief, the preparation and installation does not happen overnight organised by mysterious beings whose only purpose in life is to arrange such events.  The following few pictures shows the truth, real folk spending real time, cleaning the sometimes grubby mounts, polishing the glass and sorting uprights and horizontals.  This is done a few days after the prints have been selected,  sorted by format, content and mount colour and photographed as a planner to how they will appear on the gallery walls.  A big thank you to all who came along to the framing day.

There are always little problems to overcome along the way before we get to the actual day of hanging but we have yet to be defeated .  This year we were concerned about the condition of our ageing frames which were a collection of dated  “Mahogany” and “Gold”  and to replace them would have made a very large hole in the club funds.  Luckily, Mark Gameson’s father Philip, the owner of a joinery firm came forward to make us an offer we couldn’t refuse –  to spray them a uniform matt black.  They now look excellent and we will be eternally grateful for Philip’s generosity.

Ex Planner

Committee Members Framing pictures at St Barnabas Community Hall

Sue Hancox Showing finished picture

Brian Hardy (Club Chairman}

John Pugh (Vice Chairman), Sue Hancox and Maureen Mundon (Club Secretary)

Maureen Mundon and John Pugh Framing.

Jill Harris Packing Finished Framed Pictures

Len Harris with pictures to be framed

Happily, we had plenty of volunteers to help on installation day.  It took only two hours from start to finish with all the “T”s crossed and the”I”s dotted.








Job Done -What a Team !

And so, onto the opening night, 1st February 2017

This year we invited Graham Walton to open the exhibition and judge the pictures.  There are two awards, Best Print in the general section and best in the advanced.  We were pleased to hear Graham praise the quality of the work and the exhibition as a whole and glad that we made his choices difficult!

The opening night was, as usual, well attended with members bringing their partners along to share the occasion.


Brian with Graham Walton

















Decisions, decisions…..

After much studying Graham duly awarded the two trophies


Mark Gameson won the General Trophy for his print “Girl on a Train”



The Advanced award went to Len Harris for his “No More Tea & Roses”



A Night on the Tables

As winter descends we like to have an evening devoted to ideas to keep our photography going throughout the dark nights ahead.

Members are invited to bring along their particular interests to show to other members and this is productive in the sharing of ideas and promotes discussion of camera techniques as well as lighting, table top work, macro, flash equipment, etc.  It is often jokingly remarked that it is one of the few occasions where folk actually bring their cameras to the camera club.  It is a popular evening and a great opportunity to examine other member’s kit and just socialise.



It’s a Benbow – it’s a what?













All this and a happy Treasurer – can’t be bad!


The Famous Christmas Fun Night!

Yes folks, as Christmas draws near it’s time to roll out the skittles alley, get the drinks in, order the fish and chips and do what we do at KCC – have some FUN!

Costume Group

                  This year we had a little competition for the most outstanding Christmas attire.  Not surprisingly, it was quite well supported.


Wendy & Earrings

Mark & Prize

    Mark – The Winner ! 

Wendy Answers

                 Wendy’s Quiz was a great success

  and had us all guessing

Terry J etc

Sue & Rob

Steve Maureen Phil Tony etc

Martin & Wendy

Laurie & Friends

Quiz Winners

     The Quiz winners

and their fabulous prizes !      

And so, on with the skittles

Peter Bowling

Maureen Bowling


Brian & Scores

Ray & Wendy

Winning Team

                                                                                                      The winning skittles team




Peter & Jill prize

Duncan & Prize

                                Peter and Duncan

both won individual prizes for their skittles prowess – well done!








A Day’s Pilgrimage to Lacock Abbey


While continuing to celebrate the club’s 110th year we thought it fitting to visit the home of Fox Talbot, the man who made our hobby possible.  Joseph Nicephore de Niepce and Lois Daguerre were both successful in creating photographic processes in 1820 and 1839 but Fox Talbot’s method, announced also in 1839, not only shortened exposure times considerably but he also invented the world’s first negative enabling endless copies to be created of his images.


The abbey is now owned by The National Trust and includes a purpose built museum displaying all things Fox Talbot and well worth a visit.  Thanks to Terry Jamieson’s immaculate organising skills we had a great visit despite the rather dull weather and the rather brighter small children completing their “Monster Trail” for Halloween.











A Celebration of the Club’s 110 years

The club, then known as”Kidderminster and District Photographic Society” held it’s first meeting 26th October 1906 and so it was thought that we should mark the occasion with a special evening devoted not only to the club’s past history but taking a look at the way cameras and picture styles etc. have evolved over the following years.

Our chairman Brian Hardy spent a lot of time sorting through old copies of the Shuttle Newspaper and records that the club has in it’s archives to make an excellent presentation that was both fascinating and interesting.


In 1907 the front page of the Shuttle looked far different than it does today, a mass of local advertising urged one to visit Griffiths, the family grocer to purchase “Tea and Indigestion” (?) then onto Boodle’s Teeth for a smart new set of gnashers before ending up in Thompson’s Stores, Station Hill to purchase a top of the range camera for 7 guineas which was £7. 7 shillings  (£7.35p)


       Our advert announcing the formation of the club and appealing for members looked like this, right next to Mrs Pearsall’s Corset shop which was opposite the Pumping Station (!)


An Exhibition Programme from 1936.  Note the admission price to the lectures – 6d that was two and half pence.


Here’s a programme  with the Rules and Bye-Laws for 1938.   Among the rather mundane looking lectures there are exciting nuggets such as “The Kodak Wash-Off Relief Colour Process”  and ” A Bird Nesting Trip to Hungary.

The twenty two strong committee boasts a Major and Lieutenant Colonel assisted by two Honorary Lanternists



Members brought along old cameras and other equipment from early 20th century along with old family portraits of the era.  It was amazing to see how photography has progressed over the last hundred years.  From glass plates to SD cards, brass and mahogany to polycarbonate.  Perhaps not as pretty but much more convenient!


The evening was made perfect by the presence of Jim Marks, Rob Budworth and Ray Rogers who have been associated with the club longer than anyone else. 


Lastly, to give some idea just how much our world has changed since the “Good Old Days” of 1906, here’s another cutting from The Shuttle of that year.


For more history of the club click     HERE